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Scott and Kate are South Golden locals and the proud owners of Mrs Birdy.  Together they are raising four daughters whose favourite dinner table game growing up was ‘Mrs Birdy’ – a game which encouraged the kids to eat the food off their fork before Mrs Birdy swooped in and ate it first (which she always did, much to Mum and Dad’s surprise and to the great delight of the child!)   

So when the opportunity came to take over The Shop, the name ‘Mrs Birdy’ perfectly encapsulated everything that they wanted the place to be about- great food, fun, family and community.

Living in the area, Scott and Kate understand what the community needs from its local store. They are passionate about creating a space that serves the community in a range of ways. 

Buy delicious food at affordable prices, grab that last-minute item you need for home, pick up a pizza when cooking just seems too much and have a place to meet with friends and call your own.

Mrs Birdy is a place created by locals for locals so come in, say hi and enjoy Mrs Birdy!


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